business & Human Rights

Business has a responsibility to respect human rights. We help our clients meet this responsibility by working with them to understand salient human rights issues, address adverse impacts, and identify and capitalize on opportunities to promote positive impacts in ways that benefit both business and society.

Article One’s award-winning approach to conducting human rights assessments is informed by international human rights standards and over 20 years of combined experience conducting HRIAs for the world’s leading companies, including Microsoft, Chiquita, Starwood Hotels and Visa.



Article One works with businesses to proactively define what human rights means to them and to develop and implement strategies that mitigate risks and maximize the potential for positive impacts.

We partner with our corporate clients to:

  • Develop corporate human rights policies and strategies
  • Conduct human rights impact assessments, including at the corporate, country, site, and product levels
  • Conduct child rights impact assessments, including as part of broader due diligence efforts
  • Integrate human rights into business operations, product development, and risk management
  • Communicate about human rights impacts and management
  • Develop grievance mechanisms and remedy frameworks.

Article One also helps companies develop leadership platforms, positioning clients as industry leaders who set the standard on business and human rights.  



International organizations such as UN agencies and development finance institutions play a critical role in advancing both business success and respect for human rights.  We provide our multilateral clients with guidance on:

  • Engaging business on human rights
  • Developing business and human rights performance standards
  • Integrating human rights into investment decisions
  • Conducting human rights due diligence
  • Establishing and managing human rights grievance mechanisms.



States have the duty to protect human rights; corporations have the responsibility to respect human rights; and Article One serves to bridge the gap between the two. We work with state agencies to establish an operating environment conducive to corporate respect for human rights.

We provide our state clients with guidance on:

  • Engaging business on human rights
  • Drafting National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights
  • Developing operational level grievance mechanisms
  • Defining policy positions on business and human rights.