As an Analyst at Article One, Alyssa contributes to a range of projects with a focus on the consumer products, hospitality and technology sectors. Alyssa supports the Article One team by conducting research for human rights impact assessments; drafting country and sector specific research reports; developing human rights policies; conducting peer benchmarking; participating in stakeholder engagements; and facilitating Article One’s Business Roundtable on Human Rights and AI. Alyssa’s clients include IHG, VF, Microsoft and Target. 

Alyssa is a recent graduate of UC Berkeley. She holds a B.S. in Environmental and Social Corporate Responsibility and a B.A. in English. During her time at UC Berkeley, Alyssa led a team of consultants to assess the environmental impact of waste at Peet’s Coffee & Tea retail locations in Berkeley. In this capacity, Alyssa created a comprehensive sustainability program for the company, including developing sustainability policies, conducting legal compliance research, identifying and integrating best practice management approaches, and designing employee training programs.

Having worked on the ground in the sectors she now consults, Alyssa’s firsthand experiences inform her commitment to advance and promote corporate respect of human rights and sustainability.